A Response to Michael Brown (Part 1)

Very recently, Pentecostal bible scholar Michael Brown published some “honest questions” for GLBT Christians in an article on Christian Post. His full remarks are here: Some Honest Questions for Professing ‘Gay Christians’. As most of my readers may be aware, my PhD work is in dialogue between Queer and Pentecostal theologians. This is the first post of a multi-part response to Dr Brown’s work. I will reproduce the online text in manageable chunks so that the posts are not too long.

Part One

Dr Brown writes:

I have interacted with a number of men and women who identified as gay atheists, and their atheism and their homosexuality were interrelated, since they rejected God of the Bible because they understood that the Scriptures rejected homosexual practice. And so, given the choice of rejecting their own identity or rejecting a God whom they understood rejected them, they chose to reject him.[1]

Today, however, more and more men and women who identify as LGBT are professing to be devoted Christians, believing that the Church has wrongly interpreted the Scriptures through the centuries and claiming that committed, monogamous, same-sex relationships can be blessed by God.[2]

It is for those of you who identify as both gay and Christian[3] that I’d like to ask some honest questions.


[1] This makes sense to me. There is also the possibility that they have rejected a god who is an idol, a god not worthy of worship.

[2] Yes. Thank you for hearing this accurately. I suspect that the vast majority of Evangelical and Pentecostal LGBT Christians I know would affirm this summary.

[3] Are you implying that (at this point) you would only like to speak to gay and lesbian Christians, or are you using the term ‘gay’ as an umbrella that includes others, like bisexuals, intersex, and trans people? I will speak to you as a Christian who is a gay man.

Part Two will be published immediately in the next entry. All respectful comments from readers are most welcome!



  1. ghartwell2014

    I have recently decided that one’s atheism must be defined in terms of what religious experience you had that taught you about God. For example, a couple that left the Church of Christ – a very strict, no women in leadership, legalistic interpretation of scripture – I would classify as a ‘Church of Christ atheist’. This gives me better understanding of what presentation of God they are rejecting.
    Of course one’s primal childhood experience of father and mother is one’s original ‘concrete’ picture of God. There may be elements of that picture that form the background to one’s atheism as well.


    • theologywriter

      Your thoughts intrigue me! NT (Tom) Wright speaks of being a chaplain at Oxford and asking students who claimed to be atheists, “Which God don’t you believe in?” Almost always, after hearing them out, his answer was, “I don’t believe in that God, either.” Thanks, my brother!


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