On Beauty and Lament

I sense that in my life, 2016 might be a season of exploring Beauty and Lament.

Beauty of various kinds has been important to me. The beauty of a sunset. Of singing well, or hearing instruments played masterfully. Hearing a raw and real prayer, or a finely crafted piece of writing. Seeing my favourite people smile. Being kissed, and feeling a tremour from my deepest heart to my fingertips.

I wonder if this year will be a year of accepting my own beauty even more deeply in order to see the depth in others. I wonder if this will be a year of saying “yes.” I want this year to deepen my appreciation of Christ’s beauty in ways that people can see and experience when they encounter me.

I am coming to understand lament as a communal experience, and even a communal or corporate discipline. Personally, I hope that this year is a year of deep joy. But in order for that to be true, I sense I must better learn solidarity in difficulty. I must learn to have my part in bearing the griefs and sorrows of the communities that shape me. Whatever my personal mood, there is value in listening truly, in adding my voice to the corporate complaint: “Hey Lord, don’t you remember your promises? What about…”

Something tells me beauty and lament dance together rather well, though I don’t understand that intuition in my daily life as well as I would like.

O beautiful, suffering God: I am willing to learn, if you would lead me. Please be gentle. Amen.


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