After “Jesus Camp”

I don’t want to take over the world.
But I do wish abortion would end.
I wish that the destitute

and working poor would be raised up.
O God, that children and elders would receive
the honour they are due.


I love you, Holy Spirit.
I love your presence,
and I love your gifts.
I love how you manage, often,
to grab the hearts of children

before we grown-ups fuck ’em up

with thinking that the Kingdom of God
always aligns with how I vote in the ballot box.


You know that I believe in the Blood of Jesus,
affirm the existence of demons,
and live each day knowing:

“The world looks like a war-zone,
because it is a war-zone.”

But when I go to war,

let it be as a man of peace
who values the people you love–
all of them, the whole rainbow-arc–
more than my own agenda.

Because in order to love,
we have to be free.
And those whom Love sets free–
they are free indeed.

May it be so with me, Lord,
according to your Word.


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