The Scandalous Truth

I am about to share with you the most scandalous Truth in the history of the universe, as I understand it.

God cares about bodies. God has a body. God the Word is a human being.

The Gospel of John says,

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.

That particular human being was Jesus, the Messiah. God saw all the joys and deep pains of bodily life, and decided that the best way to prove the Divine love, the best way to set an erring universe back on its best track, was to permanently and eternally become a human being!

Then that same human being, before we fear-filled bodies killed him, took the stuff that keeps our bodies alive, saying,

This is my body, given for you. As you eat it, re-member me. This is my blood, my life itself, given for you. All of you should drink it, re-membering me.

Not only are all the ways our bodies go wrong forgiven and healed, but by the power of the Holy Spirit we become the Body of Christ. Because of Jesus, and because he has dared to entrust his ministry to us, we get to go out in the world and practice, “Hey! Do you realise that bodies are good? Do you realise that Humanity at its truest shares in God’s own life, because of Jesus?”

If any of that is true, no wonder all people, all bodies, are invited to the Feast. The Embodied God wants YOU in on the Divine project! Please, from the depths of my body to yours: Say yes. All may come and receive.


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