Community Discernment (1)

Particularly in the online world,
gay men who specifically want sexual interaction
without emotional attachment
will often say:
“I’m looking for ‘fun’.”

But why is it, to my ear and eye
(most of the time, at least!),
that there is no sound of joy,
no look of delight,
no sound of laughter,
no twinkling in the eye?

Some men, hearing my opinion,
insist I’ve misunderstood:
Meaningless or no-strings-attached sex,
say they, can encompass all these things.

If this is true, how is the sex meaningless–
can you truly say you enjoyed something meaningless?
Can something that does not bring you into relationship
bring any true delight, any deep “fun”?

Discuss amongst yourselves, beloved community.
I hope you let me overhear.


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