Over the last three days,
I have spent a lot of time in conversation with friends:
over a meal,
sipping cup of tea or hot chocolate,
or even cuddled on a couch watching
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It often strikes me:

how remarkable are we,
this race called human,
struggling to be kind,
to survive–
and yet we are deeply loved.

Recently, friends have commented
that I surround myself with beauty.
I take it as, I hope, a radical compliment.

Not only do I love how my friends make me feel
(People can be so pretty!),

but I am grateful for the remarkable gift
of sitting across from,
even embracing

Though some of my friends would decline
this language,
their gazes and smiles,
hugs and tears sing better than they know,

and I remember:
I am, too.


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