Not What We Expected (Palm Sunday)

From my book O Beautiful Dust, written Palm Sunday, 2013.

Triumphant Lord:
Today you came into Zion on a donkey—
your friends pimped out your ride because
they sensed in their bones
that you were the King,
come to liberate the people from oppression:
“Save now!” their—our— cry.

But why didn’t you
cross swords with the Romans, Jesus?
People started to fear.
This wasn’t what we expected of you, Jesus!

The progressives didn’t like you—
and they still don’t.
Those Pharisees with their oral tradition
and bodily resurrection
and angels and demons, thus:
“What do you mean, we’re abusing the Torah?
What do you mean, we don’t need the Temple?”

The conservatives didn’t like you—
and they still don’t.
Those Saducees with their Temple taxes
and Biblical literalism
and political posturing?
“What do you mean, we’re fleecing the poor?
What is this nonsense: a ‘non-violent’ Kingdom?”

And we—pulled back and forth,
harassed like sheep without a shepherd—will cry,
only a few days from now,
agreeing with the agendas of the powers-that-be:
“Crucify Him! Crucify!”

O Triumphant Lord,
going to a cross-throne
wearing thorns-as-crown:
You are not what I—what we—expected…



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