My name is Rob Walker.

I am a Christian, gay, disabled, cisgender man living in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I hold the Master of Divinity Degree from Trinity College in the University of Toronto (2012), and two additional years of research by distance learning from the University of Birmingham (UK), reading in Queer Theology. I want to be a writer, a queer scholar and theologian, and a clergyperson when I grow up. This Fall (2016), I will enter the PhD in Theological Studies, once again at Trinity College.

I’m a writer and a poet, a Trekker, a Pentaholic, and a Gleek. I read too much for my own good and have a complicated relationship with Netflix (because it has my favourite shows on it, ready to binge-watch in most cases).

A friend of mine, an indigenous Anglican priest, has a brother who is a practicing Buddhist. He once said to her: “You Christians have so many books of theology, and hardly any on becoming a saint.” Something in that has stuck with me ever since. I realise (and you will too, if you choose to stick around!) that I’m a queer sort of person who probably doesn’t fit the image of other-worldly associated with that word. But to me, the story of Christ is world-changing. If it’s true, how do I become part of it?

I definitely don’t have all the answers–which is why this blog, and my life, is a lab for “experiments in faithful Christian formation.” Not everything I try will work. But I wanted to express what I’m finding and thinking about as beautifully as I know how.

You are welcome to eavesdrop and/or join me on the journey.

Email me at rob [dot] daywalker [at] gmail [dot] com,

or find me on Twitter: @TheologyWriter.

Your conversation and friendship are appreciated! Welcome here!


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